Life Casting

Treasure the moments

B&G ‘s true 3D LifeCasting is an art form that captures the minute details of hands and feet. Our casts are life like, showing skin texture, dimpled hands and even palm prints. Our materials and finishes are researched, carefully selected and imported from the UK. Our moulding techniques are fast and almost mess free, and are safe to use even on newborns.

Let B&G LifeCasting create exquisite momentos for you. From the hands and feet of your newborn baby, to the life story wrinkles of grandma’s hands. We have our classic and deluxe frames that capture baby, young siblings, child and parent, and our special extended family framed casts.


Our children grow so quickly. Enjoy them now, and capture that moment forever with B&G LifeCasts.

B&G Lifecasting Pte Ltd.