Terms and Conditions

1. These Terms covers all items sold and free promotional items issued by 9Doors(S) Pte Ltd under the following brands:

  • B&G Lifecasting
  • BigShot Photostudio
  • Abies Keepsakes

2. In making a purchase, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

3. You authorise us to use, store, share and process information in order to provide you with our service(s). These information may be used to send you invoices and other communications.

4. The company reserves the right to cancel, change or refund all purchases made on the website and through any of their outlets or events. Any decision made by the company in this regard is considered final and binding.

5. All bookings and appointments are made subject to availability.

6. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and promotions.



7. All orders placed will be processed according to the following procedure:

a. Order placed by Customers (including free gifts and promotional items)

b. Customers will receive an immediate notification to acknowledge receipt of their order. An order number will be issued for reference.

c. The Company will review the orders placed.

d. Appointment is made for the moulding and photographs (if required) to be taken. Customer will have a choice of locations either at B&G / BigShot Photostudio studios, or customer’s locations (call-out charge may apply).

e. At the appointed date and time, moulding for casts and/or photographs are taken.

f. Customer provides all information and material necessary for preparation of artwork.

g. Initial artwork will be sent within 3 weeks after all necessary material and information have been received, namely:

i. Information and text for the artwork,

ii. Confirming/receiving the required photo to use, and

iii. Completion of moulding.

h. Customer is to provide feedback on artwork for amendments, if any. A maximum of 3 changes will be allowed.

i. Once all are per the Customer’s requirement, Customer is to give the approval for the artwork to proceed to the next phase.

j. Upon receiving the approval of artwork from Customer, B&G will commence manufacture of casts and frame.

k. Product will be completed 3 weeks after artwork has been approved by Customer.

l. Once completed, Customers will be informed of collection of their ordered items.

8. Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of all information and text provided. Any changes requested AFTER step 7(j) may incur additional charges

9. Orders are only accepted when the customer receives a firm receipt from the company indicating the details of the items ordered and the agreed price.

10. Should the order be declined by the company, a notification indicating the rejection will be sent to the customer.

11. The company reserves the right to decline any order placed.

12. The company will only hold open any order for up to 12 months from the purchase date. If after 12 months the customer is still unable to furnish any material necessary to proceed with the order, the order will be closed and no refund will be given.



13. Editing of photo images taken by B&G Lifecasting and BigShot Photostudio is limited to colour and light correction, removal of blemishes and marks, skin tone correction, and other natural corrections only. No alteration to the images will be made.

14. Photographs supplied by Customers for inclusion into their casting frame will not be edited by B&G Lifecasting nor BigShot Photostudio.



15. All orders placed for B&G products are commissioned work and can only be cancelled if no work is carried out yet (i.e. before step 7(f)).

16. Any refund request must be sent to the Company within 14 days of the order being placed by the Customer.

17. The refundable amount for orders cancelled by Customer is as follows:

a. After order placed AND before any work is done (up until step 7(d)) – 80%

b. Moulding and/or photograph completed (work done up to step 7(e)) – 20%

c. Initial artwork sent to customer (work done up to step 7(g)) – 15%

d. Approval received from customer (work done up to step 7(i)) – 5%

e. Final Production commenced (from step (j)) or completed – No refund

18. Orders not able to proceed after 12 months will be closed by the company without any refund.

19. Changes to the order can be accepted before step 7(i). Changes requested after step 7(j) will incur amendment charges of at least S$50.



20. All orders placed are for self-collection at any of the company’s indicated outlets.

21. Paid deliveries can be arranged at additional charge.

22. Items not collected after 6 months will be sent to storage. An administrative charge of $50 will be incurred for retrieval of item from storage.

23. Items not collected after 12 months from completion will be deemed to be undelivered items and will be disposed of by the company.

24. Free gift and promotional items not collected after 6 months will no longer be available for collection and will be disposed of by the company.



25. For all B&G Lifecasting products purchased after 1 Feb 2019, B&G offers a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects (casts voluntarily dislodging from the frame, any part of the frame becoming loose on their own volition, casts losing definition, etc).

26. For the removal of doubt, casts being dislodged due to a fall from height does NOT constitute a warranty event.    

27. The B&G logo at the front of the artwork serves as the warranty badge.

28. By accepting the warranty the Customer agrees to have the B&G logo being displayed at the front of the artwork.

29. Customers can opt out of the Lifetime Warranty at any time.



30. The company reserves the rights to all materials created, photographs taken and photographic prints made in conjunction with fulfilling its orders.

31. The company may use any or all such material in its marketing purposes at its sole discretion subject to the approval of the customer.

32. The customer understands that it can opt to not allow their material to be used for the company’s marketing purposes.  

33. If you are publishing or posting images of your own making on social media that feature our work in a recognisable form, please include a written credit and link back to the website wherever possible.