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BG5 – 4 casts (Siblings)

BG5 – 4 casts (Siblings)


Baby’s plus older brother/sister’s hands + feet casts, in either gold or silver finish, encased in a box-frame. This frame has 2 casts each for both siblings, plus a photo of both together or 2 individual photos, plus text. These texts may include baby’s birth information, religious texts or verses, or a simple blessing for your baby. There is no restriction on text length and language used.
Sibling’s photo and text are to be provided by Customer. We can take your children’s photo for the frame upon your request. Only the selected photo will be used for the frame. All soft copies will be available for additional purchase.
Frame layout will be submitted for approval within 3 weeks from receipt of all necessary information and photo for design. You may make up to 3 iterations to the design if it is not to your liking. Your frame will be completed 3 weeks AFTER we receive your approval of our design.
Completed orders are to be collected from any of our retail outlets. Paid delivery can be arranged at checkout, or upon request subsequently.


  1. 4 casts – 2 casts per sibling
  2. Display area  30 x 60 cm (approx)
  3. Layout design (max 3 changes)
  4. Choice of cast colours – gold, silver, natural
  5. Choice of frame colours

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